The reason for improving and its botanical and agronomical description

Energetical purposes

Paper industry

Industrial fibre base

Using for fodder purposes

Where is the "Szarvasi-1" energygrass used?

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The "Szarvasi-1" energygrass is recommended to utilize szik, strongly fixed soil, and sandy soil. Besides utiling in the energetical and paper industry, the nominee is recommended to plant pastures and hay-fields between semi arid-arid conditions, where the acknowledged valuable, temperate zone fodder grass types cannot be grown efficiently without watering.
Good-quality greenfodder grows even in dry, rainless breeding periods. At the same time, if there is adequate rain, the greencrop exceptionally big. Delicious hay can be made from its greencrop in case it is harvested in the phenophase before flowering. It is also good for making silage. It can be pastured until late autumn, until the physical condition of the soil makes it possible, due to its long vegetable period. It should be sown for pasture or hay field alone, or with maximum 1-2 grass, or papillonaceae plants.
This kind is extremely suitable for executing recultivation or improving szik soils biologically.

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